Articles in peer-reviewed academic journals

N.B. Most of these articles can be found on Research Gate and You can also contact me by e-mail ([email protected]), if you are interested in an article that is not published open access.


  • Wiklund, Mari & Määttä, Simo (2023): Interactional Functions of Therapists’ Reformulations in a Group Session Involving French-Speaking Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders 14(2), 312-327 (available online).


  • Wiklund, Mari; Vainio, Lari; Saalasti, Satu & Vainio, Martti (2022): Puheen prosodian havaittu epätyypillisyys suomenkielisillä autismikirjon varhaisnuorilla [Perceived Atypicality of Speech Prosody of Finnish-Speaking Preadolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder]. Puhe ja kieli 42(4), 309-330 (available online).
  • Wiklund, Mari & Riippa, Anne (2022): L’intonation des énoncés interrogatifs dans la parole des apprenants finnophones du français. Journal of French Language Studies 32(3), 383-411 (available online).


  • Wiklund, Mari & Kurhila, Salla (2021): Koodinvaihdot ja prosodia – tapaustutkimus Kanadassa asuvan ulkosuomalaisen puheesta [Code-Switching and Prosody – A Case Study of the Speech of an Expatriate Finn Living in Canada]. Virittäjä 125(2), 215-238 (available online).
  • Wiklund, Mari & Määttä, Simo (2021): Therapists’ response strategies in a group session involving French-speaking children with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies 6(1), 109-130 (available online).
  • Wiklund, Mari; Ihaksinen, Kia & Vainio, Martti (2021): Autismikirjon poikien intonaation käyttö kysymys- ja kerrontavuoroissa spontaanissa vuorovaikutuksessa [The Use of Intonation in Questions and Narrative Turns in the Spontaneous Interaction of Boys Afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorder]. Puhe ja kieli 41(1), 43-70 (available online).
  • Hirvonen, Maija & Wiklund, Mari (2021): From image to text to speech: The effects of speech prosody on information sequencing in audio description. Text & Talk 41(3), 309-334 (available online).


  • Wiklund, Mari & Laakso, Minna (2020): Comparison of Disfluent and Ungrammatical Speech of Preadolescents with and without ASD. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 51(8), 2773-2789 (available online).


  • Wiklund, Mari & Laakso, Minna (2019): Ungrammatical utterances and disfluent speech as causes of comprehension problems in interactions of preadolescents with highly functioning autism. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics 33(7), 654-676 (available online). 
  • Määttä, Simo & Wiklund, Mari (2019): Réparations conversationnelles dans un entretien d’asile interprété par téléphone. Langage et société 166, 161-183 (available online).


  • Wiklund, Mari & Stevanovic, Melisa (2018): Ymmärrysongelmat ja vuorovaikutustaitojen opettaminen lievästi autististen varhaisnuorten kuntoutuskeskusteluissa [Understanding problems and the teaching of social interaction skills in group therapy sessions of preadolescents with high-functioning autism]. Psykologia 53 (05-06), 421-451.
  • Wiklund, Mari (2018): Indicating dependency between spoken sentences by prosodic means. Discours 22 (available online).


  • Sharmin, Selina; Wiklund, Mari & Tiittula, Liisa (2016): The Reading Process of Dynamic Text – A Linguistic Approach to an Eye Movement Study. SKY Journal of Linguistics 29: 2016, 119-146 (available online).
  • Wiklund, Mari (2016): Interactional Challenges in Conversations with Autistic Preadolescents: The Role of Prosody and Nonverbal Communication in Other-Initiated Repairs. Journal of Pragmatics 94, 76-97 (available online).


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  • Wiklund, Mari (2014): The realization of pitch reset in Finnish print interpreting data. Text & Talk  34(4), 491-520 (available online).


  • Voilmy, Dimitri & Wiklund, Mari (2013): Syntactic and prosodic forms of first names in institutional interaction involving multiple participants. Discours 13 (available online).
  • Wiklund, Mari (2013): Puheen prosodian ja kirjoitetun kohdetekstin suhde suomenkielisessä kirjoitustulkkausaineistossa [The relationship between the prosody of speech and the written target text in Finnish print interpreting data]. Puhe ja kieli 3 (2013), 107-130 (available online).


  • Wiklund, Mari (2012): Gaze behavior of pre-adolescent children afflicted with Asperger Syndrome. Communication & Medicine 9(2), 173-186 (available online).


  • Lehtinen, Mari (2010): The Recategorisation of the Rheme and the Structure of the Oral Paragraph in French and in Finnish. Discours 7 (available online).


  • Lehtinen, Mari (2009) La structuration et la contextualisation du discours radiophonique par des moyens prosodiques. L’exemple de la figure HB dans le discours philosophique en français. Neuphilologische Mitteilungen CX / 4, 399-432.


  • Lehtinen, Mari (2008): Downgrading the importance of what is said via prosodic cues – A comparative perspective on the use of stylised intonation contours in French and in Finnish. The Linguistics Journal 3 / 1,  8-39.


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