Book chapters in peer-reviewed edited volumes

N.B. Most of these articles can be found on Research Gate and You can also contact me by e-mail ([email protected]), if you are interested in an article that is not published open access.


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    in a telephone-interpreted screening interview. In: De Boe, E., Salaets, H. & Vranjes, J. (eds.), Interactional dynamics in remote interpreting: Micro-analytical approaches. Routledge, Oxfordshire.


  • Wiklund, Mari & Vainio, Martti (2019): Pitch-related features in the speech of Finnish- and French-speaking boys with autism in data coming from group therapy sessions. In: Lenk, H. E. H., Härmä, J., Sanromán Vilas, B. & Suomela-Härmä, E. (eds.), Studies in Comparative PragmaticsCambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, 45-63.



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